H Mrs Sa. [?] v2.5 in Blood

Dimensions: 200 x 100 cm.
Technique: Mixed Media | Over Painted Paper [Verso].
Supporting Material: Paper.
Materials: Acrylic Paint | Chinese Ink | Spray Paint | Marker | Tape | Paper.
Recto: As seen in the photo.
Verso: White.

Title: Untitled \ adjective \-ˈtī-təld\
: obsolete
: not named
Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Alias: History Spin aka Halfdan Kjerulf Statue EG 167 – Andante.

NB: A part of the Re: H[ands] + F[eet] Project. Hands and feet tell an epic story, of who you are, where you work, how you work, how you close to live etc. In 2009, I began working on the Re: H + F Project documenting the hands and feet of the people I meet along the way. It is an on-going series and still a work in progress, but this is a part of…

“The hand is the visible part of the brain.”  Immanuel Kant

CC: There cannot be true peace unless the appetite is directed toward what is truly good, since every evil, even if it appears good in some way, and thus calms the appetite to some extent, nevertheless has many defects, so that the appetite remains restless and perturbed. Hence true peace can only be in good persons and about good things.

Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae

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