Issue [bis] v.3.24 After Dark in Colours [?]

Dimensions: 150 x 100 cm.
Technique: Mixed Media | Over Painted Paper [Verso].
Supporting Material: Paper.
Materials: Acrylic Paint | Chinese Ink | Spray Paint | Marker | Tape | Paper.
Recto: As seen in the photo.
Verso: White.

Title: Issue \ noun \ˈi-(ˌ)shü\
: an important topic
: the act of giving something to people to be used
: proceeds from a source of revenue [in plural]
: an unsettled matter
Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Alias : P… like Picture aka What [?] If [?] After Dark in Colours [?]

NB: A part of Life in Recto Verso Project.

NB: “In a picture the elements of the picture are the representatives of objects.”

Tractatus 2.131