S… like Solveig aka What [?] If [?] or a New Grate v.4.32

Dimensions: 200 x 100 cm.
Technique: Mixed Media | Over Painted Collage [Verso].
Supporting Material: Paper.
Materials: Acrylic Paint | Chinese Ink | Spray Paint | Marker | Tape | Paper.
Recto: As seen in the photo aka Work in Progress.
Verso: White.

Title: Grate \ verb \ˈgrāt\
as Transitive Verb: to reduce to small particles by rubbing on something rough,
as Intransitive Verb: to cause irritation,
Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Alias: Don’t Be Afraid, You Have Just Got Your Eyes Closed

NB: A part of [No(W)Here] Project.

NB: “The act of pointing determines a place of pain.”

LW… Blue Book